500 parts - 300.000 Satoshi = 0,003 Bitcoin

500 parts - 300.000 Satoshi = 0,003 Bitcoin
  • Vorschau
  • Vorschau
  • Vorschau
  • 500 parts
  • 47,8 x 34,2 cm
  • Difficulty: Advanced
  • 0,003 Bitcoin
  • 300.000 Satoshi
  • Order number: 500-300000
  • Manufacturer: Mallux GmbH
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500 parts - 300.000 Satoshi = 0,003 Bitcoin
Bitcoin puzzles do not have a complete template (otherwise the code could be scanned from it). However, a QR code contains many repetitive elements, which makes the puzzle challenging. The 500 piece variant is best suited for expert puzzler.

A Bitcoin puzzle is the exciting gift idea for all those who have ever wanted to give Bitcoins as a present or have had enough of boring money and voucher gifts. The focus is besides the fact to receive the first Bitcoins also to provide the necessary knowledge for dealing with Bitcoin. After completing the payout, the owner of the puzzle should have learned everything important for dealing with Bitcoins.

How does it work?

Each puzzle is unique and represents a unique QR code with a WWW address (URL) encoded in it. The QR code can be read on all common smartphones with the usual QR code readers, which are also available free of charge in the app stores. After calling up the URL, you are first prompted to enter another code for security reasons, which is located in an extra envelope in the puzzle. Only if the called URL and the code from the envelope match, the payment of the Bitcoin into the own wallet can be started. Newcomers can create a paper wallet directly on the payout page.

More information

Why a jigsaw puzzle?

With a puzzle it concerns first of all a "game" what so well again everyone knows. It picks up the owner with something familiar and gives him a lot of time to get used to the topic of Bitcoin.

The puzzles themselves are not easy to solve, because a QR code has many repeating elements and there is no complete template. Therefore, for puzzle muffle rather choose a little less parts. 204 parts are enough for most to take some time to solve, but not to despair. At 300 parts you should already have fun puzzling and from 500 parts it can take a while even for advanced puzzle experts.

A fun mix of puzzling and actual techniques, a cross-generational gift for everyone! The perfect introduction to learn a lot about Bitcoin and directly make your first transaction on the blockchain.

You can find a lot more information about Bitcoin and the puzzles at:


What are 0.001 Bitcoin or 100.000 Satoshi worth?

The price for one Bitcoin fluctuates very strongly. In November 2021, the previous high of 60,000 EUR per Bitcoin was reached, which means 0.001 Bitcon or 100,000 Satoshi would have a value of 60 EUR at this rate. Currently, the price is below 20,000 EUR per Bitcoin.

How long can the bitcoin be collected?

After scanning the QR code, you will be taken directly to the Bitcoin payout page. A payout to any Bitcoin wallet address is possible there. Alternatively, a paper wallet can also be generated directly here, please note the security instructions on the page.

The Bitcoin can be collected up to 3 years after the purchase of the puzzle.